Thank you for to everyone for your kind and generous support…

Valerie is AMAZING. So warm, gentle, kind, and wise. I came into my appointment a total newbie- she walked me through everything with patience. My experience was truly life-changing, very meaningful. It was a wonderful healing experience with the best of guides. Maddie H

Valerie has been my introductory guide to Reiki. She is open-minded, patient, sincere, and very supportive. I have found Valerie’s sessions to be very relaxing and a good way to broaden my mind and open my heart. Thank you, Valerie! Kristin S

Such wonderful experiences with Valerie at River Moss Reiki. Enjoy Reiki healing sessions which always exceeds my expectations of calm, peace, and healing at the soul level. Valerie is gifted in so many ways. Additionally, I have taken several classes from Valerie which have been not only been educational but also fun and making new friends. I plan on continuing to take future classes and recommend her to all friends. Schedule a appointment, Sign-up for a class, enjoy, you won’t be disappointed. Deb G

I took my 8 month old yellow lab in for a session. She is struggling with intense itching (western medicine can’t figure it out) and I have tried everything! It was so amazing to watch Valerie work with Rae on such a deep level. Such a gift! Cynthia L

Valerie is a kind, caring and trustworthy person.She has a cute studio downtown where she performs Reiki sessions. Each session is performed with crystals. I’ve had several sessions with Valerie, and afterwards I felt more balanced, calm and completely relaxed. My dog had a Reiki session in her studio and I was amazed to see how she responded to Valerie. It was wonderful to watch. I highly recommend Valerie! I look forward to having her do an energy clearing session in my house. Rachelle O

I experienced an incredibly gentle, thoughtful, and deeply healing Reiki session with Valerie in her beautiful cottage studio. I’d been dealing with stress, anxiety, and a disconnect from my creative self, and my session brought me a renewed sense of peace and confidence. Valerie’s intuitive touch and healing presence made for a richly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Thank you, Valerie!
I’ve rarely delved into such a deep state of relaxation as I did on Valerie’s table! Intuitive, grounded, and incredibly kind, Valerie has created a space for healing that truly feels like coming home. I’d highly recommend Valerie and River Moss Reiki to anyone seeking to heal, shed the old, and connect to their best self.
Megan S

Valerie is a Reiki master ~ never have I had a more wonderful treatment as with Valerie. Once you have had a Reiki treatment you will want to come back again and again ~ Valerie is a true blessing.Mark O

I was very stress with all the good stuff that life , work and  kids bring you and for long time I had very hard time to sleep at night which effect my performance on my daily routine. I reach to Valerie, set up an appointment for very easy and to be honest I never try Reiki before and not was sure what to expect. Valerie was very professional and I feel much better after the 90 min session I felt like new man  better like I not felt for year. From that night I was able to sleep a full 8-9 hours was performing better in work and with boys. thank you Valerie  I will keep using you and gonna spared your name everywhere 🙂 Yaron H

Valerie is a truly gifted healer. I highly recommend her. Susanne H

Weekly Reiki sessions helped me become better grounded. Curt H

Valerie, of River Moss Reiki, is an amazing Reiki practitioner and skilled healer. She is intuitive, insightful, and ever caring. She utilities a beautiful array of crystals, along with the knowledge passed down by fabulous teachers. Her office space is comforting, cozy, and filled with love. She makes sure to listen to your needs or troubles, assessing what she can do to help. And she always makes sure the massage table is warm and that you are as comfortable as possible! After the session, she makes sure to check in a few days later to see how you are and is always available to answer any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Valerie to anyone curious about Reiki or those who have experienced the healing, divine energy and know all that it has to offer. Morgan P


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