I’m Valerie Brodar,  Reiki Master Teacher and Urban Farmer

I offer Reiki sessions for people and animals,  Energy Clearings for your home and workplace, Earth Healing Dimensional Maps, Akashic Records readings and Urban Nano Farming consultations.

Reiki restores balance and creates wellbeing through healing injuries, easing Post-traumatic Stress, alleviating pain and much more

All pets, farm and non-domesticated animals also benefit and enjoy receiving Reiki.

Energy Clearings for your home and workplace along with Earth Healing Dimensional Maps create comfortable, healthy and safe spaces by releasing stuck and non-beneficial energy.

The Akashic Records help us gain valuable insight on relationships, careers, health issues and spiritual growth so that we may embody the phenomenal beings we are.

We’re all farmers whether it’s 3 pots on your porch, 3 square feet in the yard or 3 acres Ill help you start your own urban nano farm with vegetables, chickens and bees.

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Thank you for visiting, I look forward to healing with you!