Reiki for People

Reiki is the Physics of Healing Body, Mind & Spirit

Developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1922.  Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and is  based on the principle that we have a physical, mental, emotional, and etheric body and when one or more of these bodies is out of alignment we encounter illness and dis-ease. By releasing stuck and non-beneficial energy Reiki aids the body’s ability to heal and balance.

A playful metaphor is a sink. It starts out clean and flowing and then over time or through an accident it clogs up. Reiki is the vinegar, baking soda and plunger that releases the stuck water and creates an easy flow of energy once again.

Reiki helps promote health and wellbeing through:
restoring balance
alleviating pain
releasing trauma
Post-traumatic stress
supporting surgical procedures
life transitions
relaxation and more….

Each Reiki session is unique and can range from gentle and subtle to intense and profound. Reiki sessions are  a process for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and expansion.

For those scientists and skeptics out there Reiki is physics, it moves energy from one form to another or one place to another to create stability and balance.


Everyone can benefit from Reiki’s healing energy. I’ve worked with active duty military  |  administrators  |  artists  |  athletes  |   bartenders  |   CEOs  |  Derby Dames  |  doctors  |  farmers  |  innovators  |  librarians  |   physical therapists  |  psychologists  |  salon stylists  |  scientists | techies and

I look forward to working with you, whoever your wonderful self may be!


How a session unfolds:
•    We’ll talk for a bit about what you would like to work on such as pain, anxiety, relaxation, injury, distress, trauma, balance, etc
•    You’ll lay down fully clothed, without shoes, on a massage table.
•    I’ll encourage you to take gentle even depths and close your eyes.
•    You may fall asleep, this is perfectly natural and can been beneficial.
•    I’ll ground the space and invite Reiki energy and our Highest Guides to aid the session.
•    I’ll align the seven major chakras.
•    My hands will rest lightly on your body in a series of positions, spending extra time on areas that need special attention.
•    At the end of the session I’ll thank our Guides and Reiki, clear and ground.
•    In closing we’ll talk for a bit about your experience and what you can do to continue the healing process.

Please note:
•    There is no manipulation of muscle, bone, fascia, etc.
•    I kindly request that you do not wear perfume or cologne.


“Reiki is founded on the ancient and natural law that illness or dis-ease is a matter of being out of balance or out of harmony with ourselves and the Universe… Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself… If we’re too cold it warms us. If we’re too warm it cools us. Reiki restores us to wholeness.” unknown

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Session $90 : 90 minutes

Please note your first session generally runs about 120 minutes.