Home and Workplace Energy Clearings


Have you ever been uncomfortable in the corner of a room, basement, whole building or even someplace outside? Then you’ve encountered stagnant energy.

Home and Workplace Energy Clearings release constricted energies in physical spaces to create balance. Clearings help your home and office be healthy, welcoming, safe and comfortable environments for you, your family, pets, friends, clients, and business patrons.

Benefits of an Energy Clearing:

• Releases stuck & non-beneficial energies
• Relieves stress
• Restores balance
• Creates a greater sense of comfort
• Increases a sense of safety
• Promotes a healthier environment
• Supports more restful sleep
• Enables greater attention & creativity
• Heals the space
• Increases positive & beneficial energies
• Balances energies for all beings that live, visit & work in the space

A clearing unfolds…

Walking around the entire perimeter inside the home or work space smudging with sage, cedar or sweetgrass
Stating an intention to clear the stagnant and non-beneficial energies
Paying special attention to areas that are particularly immobile
Inviting in healing and comforting energies to create healthy living and work spaces

Book a Clearing

Energy Clearings $100 per hour

Please note a 2500 sq ft home takes approximately 2 hours.