Urban Farming Consultations


Urban Farming Workshops and Consultations

Everyone’s a farmer whether it’s 3 pots on your porch, 3 square feet in the yard or 3 acres I can help you get started with your own urban nano farm.

Need advice on how to prepare soil, types of seeds, what vegetables to plant where and when, kinds of mulch, when to water and best of all when to harvest?

Want to raise chickens or keep bees?

You can raise 10 chickens in Colorado Springs, but unfortunately no roosters. Chickens are curious, smart, loving, whimsical and of course lay amazing tasty eggs!

Even one hive can keep you in incredible and yummy healing honey from year to year. An added bonus local honey is beneficial for allergies and digestive aliments.

I can help you get set up with the all equipment, coops, hives, feed, and all that you’ll need to get started.

Let’s get together soon, it’s never to early to start planning your nano farm or setting up a home for your chickens and bees.

Look  forward to growing with you!

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$50 per hour